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Children's Palace Daycare

Children’s Palace Day Care Centre is an English medium day care centre registered with the Department of Social Development (Reg No: 218-070 NPO). The day care centre was opened on the 03rd January 2018 to cater the area of Extension 5 Soshanguve east and surrounding areas.

Our foundation is based on teaching the best baseline and to develop the physical, social, cognitive, family, cultural and nutrition of a child as it is required for further learning.

We provide a clean and friendly environment where a child can develop through play, music and arts.

Children's palace
Children's palace

Our Academic Programme

Our programme takes place in a clean, safe, healthy and spacious environment.
We have a yearly syllabus. Our qualified Practitioners prepares weekly and daily plans.
Our activities provide opportunities for creativity, numeracy, life skills, music, gross motor skills and fine motor stimulation

Our Expert Staff

Most Dedicated Staff For Your Child

Children's palace
Children's palace
Children's palace
Children's palace
Children's palace
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